Super Bowl Parade 2012: New York Giants Celebrate in ‘Parade of Champions’ [PHOTOS]

on February 07 2012 11:45 AM
  • New York Giants in Parade of Champions
    New Yorkers celebrate the Giants' win in the "Parade of Champions." Facebook/Nervous Records
  • New York Giants in "Parade of Champions"
    New York Giants tight ends on parade float in New York City. Twitter/@YESKimJones
  • New York Giants in "Parade of Champions"
    Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Giants pass through New York City on a float. Twitter/Melissage7
  • New York Giants in the Parade of Champions
    Eli Manning holding the Vince Lombardi trophy with Justin Tuck in the New York Giants parade. Twitter/JEANNENA
  • Mayor Bloomberg and Eli Manning
    Mayor Bloomberg celebrates the Giants' win with quarterback Eli Manning. Twitter/@nycgov
  • New York Giants in Parade of Champions
    Fans go wild at the "Parade of Champions" in celebration of 2012 Super Bowl win. Twitter/LirisC
  • Eli Manning
    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning celebrates his team's 2012 Super Bowl win. Twitter/@vaseckler
  • New York Giants in Parade
    Michael Boley, Mathias Kiwanuka and the Giants linebackers celebrate on a float. Twitter/@lh1050
  • New York Giants Fan
    One Giants fan makes a joke about the Occupy Wall Street protests Twitter/@StevenRojas
  • Fans Celebrate the Giants' Super Bowl Win
    Giants fans "occupy" Zuccotti Park and Lower Manhattan to celebrate the 2012 Super Bowl win. Twitter/@masseydaniel
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The New York Giants celebrate their 2012 Super Bowl win with a ticker-tape parade in New York Tuesday. Thousands of sports fans have filled the streets to take part in the Parade of Champions. Marching bands play popular tunes and floats filled with Giants players pass through the streets, as Big Blue celebrates its Sunday win against the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots. 

The parade began at the southern tip of Manhattan in Battery Park and will end at City Hall. Quarterback Eli Manning and other team members will give speeches at the end of the parade procession. The team will also be given the keys to the city at the City Hall ceremony.

New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz graced the first float that passed through the streets. He received cheers and praise from fans in the streets. Giants quarterback Eli Manning held the Vince Lombardi trophy and joined Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo and others on a float passing through confetti filled streets.

Take a look at some fan pictures and photos taken at the parade as uploaded on Twitter.

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