Snooki and the tanorexic mom, Patricia Krentcil, might have been compared in the media since both became famous for their infamous tans; however, these days, the two could not be more dissimilar.

You are more likely to find Snooki attending Lamaze and parenting classes than hitting the tanning salon these days. The pregnant reality starlet revealed that she has given up tanning for the health of her baby.

E! News reported that Snooki has not been tanning since last August, before she was even pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Jionni LaValle. The 24-year-old recently tweeted a photo of her paler skin (which is still naturally quite tan) to her Twitter followers, writing, Whoa look at this non tan #pregnantproblems.

When I tan once, it stays forever, Snooki told E! News. I have that natural dark skin. Even if I didn't tan for two years, I would still be tan.

Even TIME Magazine joined in on the Snooki non-tanning conversation.

Since she's staying away from the ultraviolet light for now, perhaps it's just a total coincidence that she's hawking a line of tanning products creatively dubbed 'Snooki by Nicole Polizzi.' Tellingly, her selection of bronzers and tanners allow your skin to feel 'soft, smooth, and ready to party,' wrote TIME's Nick Carbone. Though perhaps we're too quick to judge: along with her line of beauty products, Snooki is a thrice-published author, after this week's release of her novel Gorilla Beach. Maybe she's decided to shelve the red Solo cup and would prefer to settle down with a mug of decaf Earl Grey.

In 2010, Snooki talked to Meghan McCain, whose father John McCain had run against Barack Obama in 2008, about the tanning tax passed by Obama.

People go tanning because they like to feel tan. You feel more sexy when you're tan and I don't understand why you would tax on that, she said at the time.

It seems like the pint-sized reality starlet has finally realized that tanning, tanning beds and UV rays are not sexy or healthy.

Now Snooki is putting her baby first.

I have three applications on my phone that takes you through your pregnancy, she told E! News. They tell me things like what to eat, what to expect at certain times, like cramps or swelling. I'm always prepared for what's happening to my body. Adding, I'm also going to be taking Lamaze and parenting classes. But those are a little more down the road.

Tanorexic mom Krentcil could learn a thing or two from the Jersey Shore alum. The excessively-tanned fellow Jersey native was arrested on charges of second-degree child endangerment after it was revealed she brought her five-year-old, redheaded daughter into a tanning booth with her. The child, Anna, developed a rash and told a school nurse that it was from tanning with her tanorexic mother. The nurse then reported the incident to authorities.

New Jersey law states that no one under the age of 14 is allowed to use a tanning bed. Teenagers over 14 but under 18 may use such facilities, but only with parental approval.

Krentcil has reportedly been banned from Planet Sun Tanning Salon, which runs eight tanning locations near Krentcil's hometown of Nutley, N.J.