If you're sad about being alone this Valentine's Day, Twitter may make you feel less lonely. Singles are taking to social media to grumble about their loveless holiday. Studies conducted pre-Valentine's Day show that women are posting more positive remarks than men, but the amount of bitter tweets clogging the feed seems to be about the same.

Everyone has flowers, But me. Valentine's Day sucks a-s, one female tweeter posted.

According to NM Incite, one-tenth of men's tweets about the sweetheart's special day were positive, compared to one-fifth of women's postings.

I hate Valentine's Day. And not cause of no damn woman. This day sucks for the past couple of years, one male tweeter grumbled.

The study also showed that the most popular topic when it comes to Valentine's Day tweeting is griping about being dateless, with the figures at 36 percent for women and 25 percent for men. Women also posted more tweets about purchasing a gift for their significant others than men did.

Spending the Valentine's Day alone again. No dates or anything else! I have no life, one female tweeted.

#ThatFeelingYouGetWhen you realized that you have no dates on Valentine's Day, a male user posted.

K, Valentine's Day is only good for getting free chocolate...otherwise it sucks #foreveralone, another male tweeter wrote.

But Twitter is more than just an anti- Valentine's venting outlet. Some used the social media platform to publicly share their affection or encourage others.

It's love day. For all of you that don't have a Valentine don't give up hope. I met my wife on Valentine's Day 12 years ago.

And some celebrities took to Twitter to wish their fan following a Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day, Tweethearts! Muah!!!!! wrote Perez Hilton.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Enjoy your day/night! I have the best Valentine ever!, The Jersey Shore's Nicole Snooki Polizzi wrote.

So whether you're single or with someone special, you're bound to find others to keep you company in the social media circle.