• Tesla knows that Supercharger stations are contributing factors in driving demand
  • Over the years, Tesla has promised more Supercharger stations all over the world
  • The 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map now offers new routes and locations that Tesla EV owners can visit and recharge 

American electric vehicle maker Tesla recently updates its 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map with a cluster of new locations and routes covered by the fast-charging network. For the past several years, Tesla has been telling consumers of its grand plan of expanding the Tesla Supercharger network, but it has been falling short, reports Electrek. It appears that the delay is related to the deployment of a new generation of Supercharger technology, the Supercharger V3, which in itself saw multiple delays.

However, now, Tesla launched the Supercharger V3 and started Supercharger installations all over the globe. The US electric vehicle maker added more than 2000 new Superchargers in the first half of 2019 and reached more than 15,000 total Superchargers worldwide. Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier said that the company was increasing the production of Supercharger V3 and anticipated that the deployment of these electric vehicle charging stations would speed up starting this year.

The company now updates its 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map around the world, and it includes several new locations. The Arctic Circle now has Tesla Superchargers, along with several other new locations and routes in other regions. The electric vehicle maker is also expanding in specific markets with more Supercharger stations, which is one of the driving forces of demand.

Tesla Superchargers A bank of Tesla Superchargers Photo: Tesla, Inc.

Musk said that access to Supercharger stations, financing options, and service centers are the company’s ways to create more demands in the market. Over the years, Tesla has been talking about exploring eastern Europe, and it seems that the 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map confirms this plan. The new 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map also includes Supercharger stations in new markets like Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey. 

The US electric vehicle maker is also expanding the Supercharger network in several areas in the Mediterranean, like Sardinia and Corsica. More Superchargers are available in the US and Canada, like several charging stations in Quebec. Additionally, Tesla is opening new Supercharger stations to allow a route all the way to Gaspésie. These are just some of the examples of the new places that consumers can find in the 2020 Tesla Supercharger Map.