7 AI-Powered Business Tools That Are Rising Fast
7 AI-Powered Business Tools That Are Rising Fast Pixabay

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping how companies and new startups are conducting business across the world. Today, the AI software market is expected to reach $118 billion in revenues by 2025 according to a Tractica research report. But although these figures look promising, only a mere 15% of current businesses are making use of AI software to help streamline processing, with more than 30% of startups looking to bring AI tools onboard in the next year or two.

Today, AI is synonymous with the world of business and startups. The software industry has shown us new ways to market and interact with clients and create more fluid internal channels of communication. Companies can now build tailor-made algorithms helping create strategic marketing plans to reach targeted audience groups. These and other AI-software tools are making it a lot easier for businesses to find potential clients and create more exposure. But although AI has helped in the field of marketing and customer engagement, there’s a host of other great AI tools helping boost business functions.

With so many tools to choose from, and implementation thereof becoming a lot easier - we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best AI-powered business tools that are rising fast.


Customer engagement on social media platforms has become a simpler and faster way to answer queries, promote products, and help to better understand market trends. Now Chatfuel has created an intelligent bot that can help automate FAQs on messaging platforms such as Facebook messenger. These bots are running 24/7, and have helped to save companies time, money, and manpower to complete mundane tasks. It’s a faster and more efficient tool that can target customer leads and increase revenues.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the key breakthroughs of the AI software industry. Many AI business tools are making use of NLPs to automate communication between the business and its clients, mimicking human conversations and creating a flow of natural conversations. Exeed.ai is a sales assistance tool automating conversations between customers. These tools can be used for emails, chatrooms, forums, and to help filter through customer reviews.

Infosys Nia

A more complex system of tools, Infosys Nia is a deep learning analytic tool that makes use of social and organizational knowledge to create more accurate business forecasts. This system learns how the business operates, who your customers are, what they’re buying, how employees interact with customers, and understanding customer behavior. Infosys Nia builds content and research around your business for more comprehensive data.

Atomic Reach

With companies moving online, and businesses catering to a global market, Atomic Reach is an AI tool that aims to create more sales leads and spark customer interaction through the use of optimized SEO and ROI-driven insights. The Atomic Reach tool creates SEO-rich texts, blogs, and social media content, making it easier for businesses to reach more clients and remain relevant.

Google Assistant

Companies with remote teams can make use of Google Assistant to support employees with a faster and more advanced app to improve daily productivity and efficiency. The Google Assistant App can help set reminders, share ideas, jot day important events, and create a board of effective communication between teams.

123 Internet

Tracking the condition of your website, its functions, and understanding critical issues have been simplified by 123 Internet, as it uses AI-driven tech to look for any faults and errors that can decrease customer traffic. From slow-running pages, low-quality images, and weak SEO are all monitored by this tool to help you build a more suitable and impactful website.


Before any business can make its first sale, or market its services there are a host of business formation processes it needs to go through. Platforms such as Staterequirement.com are making use of AI to aggregate the best LLC services for business owners and young entrepreneurs for business formation info, service providers, and registration specialists. Even more, business owners can browse through various companies, and learn what the formation process entails, what legal documents they will need beforehand, and finally help streamline the entire process.

Final take

A clear picture emerges: AI invaded business support. AI is making its way into nearly every part of daily business operations. From marketing, messaging, email, websites, and formation procedures - AI has helped businesses become more modern, and find solutions to outdated issues. There’s no excuse now, as business owners have open access to hundreds of AI-powered tools to help grow their business, but even more so, learn, understand and analyze customers. These tools are fascinating, and we will see them becoming even more advanced. Artificial Intelligence isn’t just changing the way we live, it’s creating a whole new way we understand the world, and how we can make an impact on potential customers.