A 7-year-old boy who stole his parents car in order to skip church, might need to head back to Sunday School to learn the Ten Commandments, especially “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

The boy from Plain City, Utah, ran a stop sign and almost hit another driver before leading officers in a low-speed car chase.

The 7 year-old managed to escape the officers, made his way home and ran to hide inside the house.

His speed was slow, but erratically; and so he would kind of scoot down lower to push on the gas and kinda sit up on the seat more to see right where he was going, said Weber County sheriff’s Lt. Matthew Bell.

People in the neighborhood are talking about this, he added.

So why didn't the boy - who was not named due to his young age - not want to go to church? He said it was because it was too hot and didn't want to stay inside the church.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but the little boy can’t be prosecuted since he is too young.