Apple iPad Pro - 9
A slew of new configuration details of Apple's latest iPad Pro with 9.7-inch display have surfaced. Apple

It is now a known fact that the latest 9.7-inch iPad Pro is powered by the same Apple A9X chipset found in the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro released in 2015.

Apple has underclocked the A9X processor as well as the GPU in the compact iPad Pro. Apple’s website shows the difference between the two iPads. To be specific, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes with 2.5x faster CPU compared to the one in A7 chipset. However, the 9.7-inch iPad has to settle for 2.4x faster CPU.

When it comes to GPU, the bigger sibling reportedly features five times faster graphics performance than the A7. But then, the GPU in 9.7-inch iPad Pro is apparently 4.3 times better than the one housed in the Apple A7.

Apple Insider, meanwhile, says Apple might have underclocked the A9X in order to prevent it from facing overheating problems because of the relatively smaller chassis enwrapping the powerful under-the-hood components. Technically, the surface area available to dissipate the produced heat is less in the smaller sibling.

Moreover, the 12.9-inch variant reportedly offers faster data transfer and battery charging, thanks to the USB 3.0 specs. The 9.7-inch model, on the other hand, makes use of USB 2.0.

On a related note, TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino recently revealed that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro likely had the same 2 GB of RAM seen in the 4-inch iPhone SE. On the contrary, earlier rumors suggested that the new tablet will flaunt a solid 4 GB of RAM.

Another Apple Insider report says the new iPad comes equipped with an embedded SIM. This means buyers interested in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro can choose data services without signing a contract from the participating wireless carriers.

AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile reportedly offer this service in the U.S. But then, Apple says the embedded SIM could be disabled in case a buyer purchases the 9.7-inch iPad Pro from a carrier. Hence, those who would like to use the embedded SIM may have to purchase it from the Apple Store.