The story of 10 disabled children, who were abused for over 15 years, as reported today in the New York Times by Benjamin Weiser, can never be made better.

The Queens woman, Judith Leekin, is in prison now. A magistrate judge, Marilyn D. Go of Federal District Court in Brooklyn appears to be trying to mediate the dispute, according to the paper, and now a $68 million settlement has been proposed by the 10 children's lawyers in a suit against the city and three adoption agencies, all of whom have denied liability in the case. The agencies are HeartShare Human Services of New York, SCO Family of Services and the now-closed St. Joseph Services for Children and Families.

The children are all now adults in their 20s living in Florida. Their lawyers describe many of them as in fragile condition and in need of a settlement to receive the care they need.