A fisherman arranges a fishing net as his wife paddles their boat in the waters of the Periyar river on outskirts of Kochi
German shoemaker Adidas has launched a pair of shoes made out of garbage dumped into the oceans. Reuters

Adidas recently unveiled its new trainers -- made purely from recycled rubbish recovered from the ocean. The German brand, one of the founding members of Parlay for the Oceans, said ocean waste is the next big thing, and the new shoe has been designed with several environmental issues in mind.

The company has been instrumental in raising awareness and education about the recyclable waste and garbage in the oceans. Recycled fishing nets, illegal gill nets and other ocean waste have been used by Adidas as a base material for the shoe. The nets were recovered from the ocean as a part of the 110 expedition conducted to track the poaching vessels along the West African Coast. The expedition conducted by the Sea Shepherd resulted in the recovery of 72 kilometers (44.7 miles) of netting.

Cyrill Gutsch, the founder of Parlay for Oceans, said the objective of the company is to contribute toward the conservation and preservation of oceans around the world. The objective of the company's effort is to facilitate a collaboration among organizations that could contribute.

Gutsch said the partnership with Adidas demonstrates the plastic from the ocean waste can actually be turned into something useful.

The Times Gazette reported it took just six days to manufacture the shoes, which are scheduled to be sold in stores by the end of the year.