Adobe 2014 Creative Cloud SDK
The new Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 logo Adobe

Adobe Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE) will soon bring the power of Adobe Creative Cloud to third-party mobile app developers.

Following the introduction Thursday of several new mobile apps that connect to the Adobe Creative Cloud, the San Jose, California, software company announced plans to open up the power of Adobe Creative Cloud software to mobile apps developed by third-party companies.

This will be accomplished through the introduction of the Adobe Creative Software Development Kit (SDK), which third-party app developers can utilize to create new ways to interact with the creative tools available in the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite.

According to Adobe, the Creative SDK, currently available as a private beta, will enable mobile-app developers to create apps that can open and edit Photoshop files and utilize image editing capabilities previously available only to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

"Adobe’s new mobile apps, hardware and Creative SDK are perfect for creative professionals, but equally importantly they are designed for anyone with a creative spark,” Scott Belsky, vice president of product and creative community at Adobe, said on Wednesday. “Today we’re introducing cutting-edge drawing tools that can carry the designer's Creative Cloud identity, provide access to favorite color themes, and can even copy and paste across devices. This is just one example of how our SDK will shake up the creative industry.”

Mobile-app developers looking to access to the Adobe Creative SDK can sign up at the official website.