While there is no evidence to suggest that a Tesla technical malfunction caused the fatal crash that occurred over the weekend in Paris, the largest taxi company in Paris, G7, has suspended the use of 37 Model 3 cars from its service until police complete an investigation.

According to the driver's account of events, along with footage of the Dec. 11 incident, the off-duty taxi driver was on the way to take his family to dinner when the accident occurred. According to the driver, when he tried to brake, the car instead sped up. He then tried to stop the vehicle by driving into various objects. A cyclist was hit and later died, Reuters reported.

The driver tested negative in an alcohol test.

It is unclear whether the driver of the vehicle was in autopilot mode and if the driver caused the crash at his own fault. One person was killed, 20 were injured, and three were listed as being in serious condition, according to CNN.

The Guardian reports G7 will still use other Tesla models.

Tesla's Model 3 on display
Tesla's Model 3 electric cars on display. AFP / STR

The crash comes as Tesla has been in the news a lot lately over allegations of sexual harassment at company worksites, safety probes, and investigations into its vehicles and other products.

The electric vehicle company’s eccentric CEO Elon Musk also made waves on Twitter on Tuesday after he criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after she said he was “freeloading off everyone else” by not paying taxes.

Musk responded to Warren's accusation by bringing up her past and calling her "Senator Karen."

The Twitter feud followed Musk being named Time Magazine's Person of the Year earlier this week, which drew both praise and backlash.