Indian security personnel stand guard at the Rajghat memorial amid heavy smog in New Delhi on Nov. 7, 2017. Getty Images

The national capital of India, New-Delhi, has been engulfed in pollution as residents woke up to "severe" air quality Tuesday. Pollution levels breached the permissible standards by multiple times, reports said.

The disturbing pollution levels compelled the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Tuesday to declare a public health emergency in Delhi. It also suggested shutting down of schools and urged people not to step outside their homes, reports said.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said Sunday that all schools in Delhi would remain shut for three days. Kejriwal also announced a list of emergency measures as the city residents battled with the rising smog. Among those measures were a ban on construction and demolition activities for next five days and temporary closure of Badarpur Power Plant, a thermal power station located in Delhi, First Post reported.

"Schools will be closed for the next three days. The health department will issue the first pollution advisory tomorrow. We also appeal to people to stay indoors and work from home, if possible. We are also starting the preparation for odd-even. We will make an assessment in the next few days and implement it if need be," he told reporters at his residence.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have shared photographs which show a heavy layer of smog covering the cities.

A journalist, Shiv Aroor, tweeted a photograph showing a ceremonial welcome of Belgium's King Philippe amid a backdrop of dense smog.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon — an annual half marathon foot-race held in New Delhi — is scheduled to take place Nov. 19, however, the doctors association has written to Kejriwal demanding the event's cancellation due to "high level of air pollution" in the national capital.

However, the organizers wrote on its website: "We appreciate the concerns of people who are voicing their opinion against the run and they are entitled to their point of view. However, to demand cancellation or postponement of ADHM is shortsighted and misplaced."

"As enshrined by the observations of the Supreme Court, who was seized of this matter last year, stated – 'We will not stop or ban any marathon from taking place - as People have a fundamental right to Run.'"

The press release also stated how it has been scientifically proved that runners and people with active lifestyles are able to deal with side effects of a polluted environment in a better manner and they also have better immunity than those who don't run.

Last year too, the air quality had been "severe" as pollution levels deteriorated. The environmentalists said last year that Delhi was facing an emergency situation and the ruling party introduced a slew of measures that included shutting down of schools for 3 days and the Badarpur power plant for 10 days, Hindustan Times reported.

Some of the measures that you can take to avoid falling sick amid high air pollution levels are:

1) Check Air Quality before stepping out

2) Avoid Traffic Congested Areas

3) Avoid stepping out of your house in the evening

4) Wear Masks while Commuting

5) Keep plants indoor that reduce air pollution