• Apple has released a new firmware update for the AirPods Pro
  • Previous versions had issues affecting noise cancellation
  • The update can now be downloaded and installed to the AirPods Pro

Apple has released a new firmware version for the AirPods Pro, and users can now download and install it on their wireless earbuds.

The new firmware version, 2D27, comes as an upgrade to the previous version, 2D15. This is the fourth firmware version that Apple has released for the AirPods Pro, and it can be installed over the air by connecting the AirPods Pro to an iPhone.

Apple hasn't released any details regarding what's included in the new firmware version, MacRumors noted. Users will only be able to determine what's in there once they install it on their AirPods Pro.

The new firmware version should hopefully fix issues with the previous version. Apple has designed the AirPods Pro to automatically download and install firmware updates when connected to an iPhone and charging.

apple airpods pro
apple airpods pro Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)

It's worth noting that previous AirPods Pro firmware versions had issues with the device's Active Noise Cancellation feature as well as sound quality. Some AirPods Pro users said firmware version 2C54 improved the bass performance of the AirPods Pro but lowered the performance of the device's active noise cancellation feature.

Reviewers looked into that particular issue and found that the firmware version did affect the device's ANC feature, especially in terms of blocking out low-frequency noise.

More recently, AirPods Pro users who updated to 2D15 also complained of cracking, rattling or static-like noises when ANC is turned on, MacRumors reported. The problems also occur when Transparency mode is turned on. These issues do not happen when both ANC and Transparency mode are turned off.

With that said, AirPods Pro firmware version 2D27 should bring fixes for the above mentioned issues. Here's how AirPods Pro users can check if their earbuds are already updated to the latest version:

  • First, users should make sure that the AirPod Pro is connected to their iOS device (whether iPhone or iPad).
  • Second, users should launch Settings on their iOS devices.
  • Third, once there, users should tap on General, then About, then tap on AirPods.
  • The AirPods Pro's firmware version will be displayed next to “Firmware Version.”

Those who see that their AirPods Pro still uses an older firmware version should update it by doing the following:

  • First, users should put the AirPods Pro in the case, if these aren't in yet.
  • Second, users should charge the device (can be wired or wireless charging).
  • Third, users should connect the AirPods Pro to their nearby iOS device.
  • Fourth, users must ensure that the iPhone or iPad is connected to the internet.