Aldi’s wine and cheese advent calendars were in big demand on Wednesday as many of the grocery store locations sold out of the guilty-indulgent on the same day. However, consumers are in luck if they really want to nab one. Both the cheese and wine calendars are available on eBay, but you’ll have to shell out some serious cash to get one.

Aldi launched the highly anticipated wine and cheese advent calendars to the U.S. market for the first time this year, according to USA Today. With the products in high-demand, those that were able to get their hands on one are cashing in on the high demand by selling them on eBay for a bumped-up price.

The Festive Collection Wine Advent Calendar is featured on eBay for a whopping $400 from multiple sellers, not to mention the additional shipping charges on some of the listings. Aldi retailed the calendar, which came with 24 mini bottles of 12 different wine varieties, for $69.99.

The Happy Farms Preferred Advent Cheese Calendar, which came with 24 mini pieces of cheese, is selling on eBay for a much as $100 with free shipping. Aldi was selling the cheese calendar for $12.99.

As of Friday afternoon, there were a total of 49 Aldi calendars for sale on eBay with many listings on the site already sold out.

Aldi stores were ill-prepared for the huge consumer demand for the calendars with the Star Tribune reporting that many stores only received three to 12 calendars to sell. Aldi did limit sales to one wine calendar per customer and three per cheese calendar, but with hardly any to go around, did it really matter?

Minnesota residents missed out on the limited-edition wine calendar completely as Aldi’s in the state do not sell wine, according to the Star Tribune. The wine calendar was not advertised in the state.

Aldi is also selling Mattel Toy and Moser Roth Chocolate Nutcracker advent calendars, while supplies last. The wine and cheese calendars will not be restocked this year, according to USA Today.

An Aldi discount grocery store in Edgewood, Maryland. Getty Images/Sean Gallup