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The use cases of blockchain technology still seem novel to many despite its ever-increasing popularity. Blockchain has proven to become significant in our dynamic world, most notably in the area of finance. However, only a few understand the potential of this technology in various industries. One person who knows the nooks and crannies of blockchain and its unlocked potentials is Mr. Alex Lemberg.

Mr. Alex Lemberg is the CEO of Nimbus, a platform that offers easy and efficient access to both decentralized finance and traditional financial markets. With Nimbus, newcomers can access a variety of financial products while maintaining full control of their assets. Their choices range from loans and lending to IPO participation and start-up financing and include convenient strategies like the n-NFT that balances risks and yields depending on a user’s needs. Lemberg once worked as a Business Analyst on Wall Street with Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, and a host of others.

Mr. Alex Lemberg is vastly experienced in blockchain technology and understands the use of technologies in maintaining a streamlined and user-friendly environment.

“By understanding the revolutionary potentials, I mean understanding the distributed ledger, the smart contract, the permissionless infrastructure of the technology, and treating it regardless of location.” According to Lemberg, blockchain breeds trust in an environment that doesn't and this underlines the significance.

Lemberg Outlines the Importance of Blockchain In The Current Entrepreneur-Based Economy

Lemberg explains that the entrepreneur-based economy relies heavily on institutions. “If you compare the first transaction done to the transaction we do today, one thing remains clear, we don't necessarily know the people that we do business with.” Lemberg added that more institutions had to be created to reduce the high level of insecurity and untrusted relationships that was already forming.

“We started to create institutions to bridge the gap for any transaction,” he said. With blockchain technology, Lemberg believes that society can depend less on institutions for the transactions they initiate, but he made one thing clear - blockchain won't replace institutions completely.

In the larger scope, blockchain will play a more significant role in the manner businesses are conducted since they have excess liquidity and transactions are instantaneous. While Lemberg agrees that blockchain is still relatively new to institutions and the retail market, he said that retail investors won't wait for institutions to catch up. This implies that they can transact businesses outside an institution without paying those fees that are prevalent in banking institutions.

Lemberg said banks and financial institutions have stopped innovating, not because they do that before, but because of the regulatory environment. There's a limit to the number of innovations they can produce as they work within a defined context. On the other hand, blockchain can do so much more from creating smart contracts to projects. The innovations will make their way to the mainstream without relying on institutions to make it for them or push it to the limelight.

Innovation and Market Access Summarizes the Significance of Blockchain

The significance of blockchain can't be downplayed because of the innovation and market access it offers, which were non-existent before. Lemberg did point that the technology will be regulated eventually but not to the extent that the regulatory agencies want it. He also believes that at some point, institutions will deploy those innovations and have them integrated into their frameworks.

Lemberg explains the Nimbus Platform is designed to unleash the potentials of blockchain. Nimbus Platform eliminates fees and is overly secure. So, hackers have a limited way of breaking into the platform. He explains that his future businesses will continue to leverage DeFi, while Nimbus continues to offer a variety of useful products.

Speaking of offering useful products, Nimbus recently rolled out the first finance NFT called n-NFT. Unlike the regular collect-and-sell NFTs, n-NFT is a yield generating product that allows users to generate rewards with their assets. Each user's asset is represented by the n-NFT. The innovative product is designed for users to implement their individual financial strategies and maximize their earnings with minimal risks.

One of the first forms of n-NFT is the Smart Liquidity Provider. Here, users lend, provide liquidity, and use LP staking without being limited to other tools on the Nimbus Platform. Although still under development, this product will help newbies access key instruments in the growing crypto market and maximize their rewards.