• Apple is expected to release a pair of premium over-ear headphones 
  • A leaker shared an image and a video of the alleged AirPods Studio ahead of its announcement
  • Another known leaker said the leak puts the source "in danger"

The AirPods Studio, Apple's upcoming high-end, over-ear headphones, may have been revealed in new leaks shared via social media.

Twitter tipster Fudge, who goes by the handle @choco_bit, recently posted two tweets providing consumers a better glimpse at what appears to be Apple's upcoming premium pair of headphones, AirPods Studio.

The tipster, who has leaked accurate details regarding some of Apple's plans in the past, posted an image and a short video of the said audio device. While both leaks aren't clear, the device in the photo and video seems to fit the description of the AirPods Studio that Bloomberg's Mark Gurman earlier shared.

First, according to Gurman's sources, the AirPods Studio will feature a “retro-look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and a headband connected by thin, metal arms.” This is exactly how the device in the photo looked.

The leaked photo shows a dark-colored headphone that features oval-shaped ear cups, a padded headband and thin arms connecting the headband to the ear cups.

Second, Gurman's sources said Apple is working on at least two versions of the AirPods Studio: a “premium version” that uses “leather-like fabrics” and a “fitness-focused” model that uses lighter, breathable materials. The device in the photo features the latter details.

The headphones in the photo appeared to have a padded headband that featured the HomePod mesh, Fudge noted. This could be the lighter, breathable material Gurman mentioned.

Third, Gurman's insiders said the ear cups can swivel. This allows users to fold the device so that it's easier to keep or carry in a small carrying case. The device in the leaked photo and video resembled this as well.

The white-colored AirPods Studio featured in the leaked video, as well as the dark-colored headphones in the photo, both had their ear cups swiveled and not in use. The video even showed the headphones being placed in some sort of packaging, which could probably indicate how Apple plans to sell the audio devices in the near future.

Fudge's leak caught the attention of noted tipster Jon Prosser, who is known for his mixed record when it comes to Apple devices.

Prosser said the leaked images shouldn't have been posted for the sake of the source's safety. That said, it could simply mean the leak has some sort of credibility to it.

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