Alyson Hannigan was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday and cracked jokes about her pregnancy.

I get tired a lot and I have pregnancy brain, which I never realized was a thing but it is…I sort of feel like a Koala bear where I'm slightly stoned all the time and I'll say the wrong word, she said.

Ellen DeGeneres joked that, I'm not pregnant, but I have that brain too. I don't have an excuse.

Alyson wouldn't reveal the gender of her baby, saying that it's a private think and only her and her husband, Alexis Denisof, know.

The How I Met Your Mother actress did however give a clue away.

[I crave] ginger ale big time. I didn't drink soda before and suddenly it was like, 'I need a ginger ale,' and surprisingly my mother craved ginger ale when she was pregnant with me as well.

Watch the clip of the interview with Ellen DeGeneres: