Jon Finkel, the date of Gizmodo writer Alyssa Bereznak, has opened up to popular social news Web site Reddit after the latter wrote a nasty post (original and altered version) about the former and their date.

Finkel and Bereznak met through dating Web site OkCupid. Finkel, a hedge fund professional but also the former world champion of card game Magic: The Gathering, did not disclose his championship status online.

It was only when the two met in person that Finkel mentioned his gaming prowess when the topic of gaming came up. On a subsequent date, he admitted to still playing the game.

Sometime after the second date, Bereznak ripped Finkel in a scathing post.

She accused him of lying on his OkCupid profile, infiltrat[ing] his way into OkCupid dates, and being a champion dweeb in hedge funder's clothing when she thought she was getting a normal finance guy. All that was for not disclosing his Magic: The Gathering title.

The reaction to Bereznak's article was overwhelmingly negative. Criticisms poured from other Web sites, Gizmodo Australia, and the comment section of her article (which has since been moderated).

On Tuesday, Finkel opened up to Reddit by doing an IAMA (I am a and ask me anything.)

Below are quotes and updates on the situation he posted on Reddit:

- He felt a little violated and thought it was wrong for Bereznak to post about their date.

- Bereznak didn't contact him about the post. He found out when he came home and there were about 50 emails from my friends linking to it.

- He has not been contacted by Bereznak since the story went viral. He doesn't plan to contact her.

- Aside from the post about him, he liked the few articles written by Bereznak that he came across.

- A few months ago, he went on an OkCupid date a woman from another Gawker media Web site (Gizmodo is a part of Gawker) who was a much better date. They've parted ways since then but the woman didn't post about it on the internet.

- He said it's nice to know the internet has my back, so in total it looks like it was a net positive, though I still feel oddly creeped out by it.