Amazon just made its second-generation Echo Dot official. Ahead of its release, consumers can already preorder the device from the electronic commerce and cloud computing company’s website. For those who are still hesitant, here’s a rundown on why this hands-free, voice-controlled device would come in handy.

Much like its predecessor, the new Echo Dot sports the same puck-like form factor. Also, the device still has the ability to add Alexa to existing speakers, according to The Verge.

What’s different is the addition of more buttons on top of the device and the completely redesigned voice processor. Amazon has also decided to make two color variants for the device: pearl and carbon.

The Verge has also learned that the second-generation Echo Dot comes with a new Echo Spatial Perception technology that can detect if it’s the one being commanded and not the other Echo or Dot devices inside the house. The enhanced technology is not going to be exclusive to the new Echo Dot, however, as Amazon is also rolling this out to existing Dot and Echo devices.

Unlike the original Echo Dot that hit the market with an $89.99 price tag, the new device will sell for a more affordable price of $49.99 in the U.S. TechnoBuffalo reports that the budget-friendly price is part of Amazon’s plan to selling the new Echo Dot in multi-packs, so that consumers can have one for every room in their house.

Consumers who are interested in buying more Echo Dot devices will get free units. The pack of six only requires one to pay for five units, since the other one is for free. On the other hand, the pack of 12 only requires payment for 10, since the other two are included for free.

Amazon’s new Echo Dot is slated for an Oct. 20 release in the U.S. To preorder the device, head to Amazon's website.