It was reported earlier this week that Amazon is planning to launch a slew of new devices that support its Alexa voice assistant. Now, a couple of those rumored devices have been leaked online and one of them is a subwoofer for the Echo smart speakers.

The subwoofer is called the Echo Sub and it was first spotted by Pocket-Lint on the website. Amazon hasn’t made any official announcements about the upcoming product, so the Echo Sub might have been prematurely listed on the site. The Echo Sub is revealed to be a device that works with one or two other Echo speakers. The device is intended to bring better overall sound quality by bringing in more bass.

The leaked listing for the Echo Sub also says that it will allow users to have a 2.1 stereo system when it is paired with two Echo speakers. The two standard Echo speakers will act as left and right audio channels, while the Echo Sub will be for the bass. The Echo Sub is wireless, which also means that users will be able to connect it to standard Echo speakers using the Alexa app on smartphones.

Stereo pairing is currently unavailable for the standard Echo speakers, but Apple’s HomePod is already offering it, as pointed out by The Verge. The introduction of the Echo Sub will not only help Amazon catch up with Apple, but it will also give the Echo an edge over the HomePod by having a subwoofer.

The other product that was leaked by the Amazon UK website is the Amazon Smart Plug. The device looks like a standard smart plug and it is capable of basic Alexa voice control for connected devices. When a device is plugged in to the Smart Plug, users will be able to ask Alexa to turn it on and off just by using voice commands.

Pricing for both of the upcoming products were also listed on the site. The Echo Sub costs £75 (around $99), while the Amazon Smart Plug costs £95 (around $125). The listed price for the Smart Plug may be incorrect since that seems to be too expensive. Similar devices typically costs no more than $25. It’s also possible that the pricing for the Echo Sub may be incorrect, but a $99 wireless subwoofer wouldn’t be too outrageous.

Both devices are listed as having an Oct. 11 release date. If true, then Amazon might be planning to officially announce the two products very soon.