Amazon has announced the Fire TV Cube, a new Fire TV device that also functions like an Echo smart speaker. The Fire TV Cube comes with Alexa built-in, allowing users to control their media completely hands-free, or control their other smart home devices.

The Fire TV Cube is a cube-shaped set-top box that’s capable of streaming content in 4K HDR, much like the third-generation Fire TV that was announced last year. The device supports HDR10 and Dolby Atmos audio. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have support for streaming Dolby Vision HDR.

The Fire TV Cube also has a built-in Echo speaker and an IR emitter. The IR emitter will allow users to control other devices that have A/V receivers, like adjusting the volume of a soundbar or even some other cable boxes, according to The Verge. The Fire TV Cube can also control the television when it’s connected to the TV’s HDMI-CEC port.

Fire TV Cube The Amazon Fire TV Cube. Photo: Amazon

The device comes with a light strip that glows blue when users call for Alexa. It also has eight far-field microphones, so that Alexa will always be able to hear the user’s voice commands for watching content or controlling smart home devices. The Fire TV Cube also has built-in speakers, so users will be able to ask Alexa for the weather, the news or just about anything simple. On top of the device, it has four buttons for muting the microphone and adjusting the volume of its built-in speaker. Even when the TV is off, users will still be able to use the Fire TV Cube like a regular Echo speaker.

“Many of your favorite apps currently support enhanced in-app voice controls on Fire TV, giving you more ways to use your voice while navigating through content, and dozens more are expected by the end of 2018,” Amazon said in its press release. “And with Fire TV Cube, many Alexa responses are optimized for the big screen and accompanied with rich visual information, allowing you to view your smart home camera feeds, watch video flash briefings, view sports scores, see extended weather forecasts, and watch trailers for movies playing in nearby theaters.”

The Fire TV Cube comes with a Fire TV remote that doesn’t have volume buttons. This means users will have to rely on voice commands when changing volumes. Nevertheless, the remote comes with an Alexa button, so users will be able to just quietly whisper their commands to the remote itself. Although the Fire TV Cube can function like a regular Echo speaker, it still has limitations. The device doesn’t have support for any communication features. Hence, users won’t be able to send text messages or start video calling using the Fire TV Cube, according to Ars Technica.

The Fire TV Cube is now available to pre-order on Amazon’s store for $119.99. The device will start shipping to customers starting on June 21. Those who pre-order on June 7 and 8 will be able to get the device for just $89.99.