Amazon's latest cashier less “Go store” has been opened in New York. Unlike other Go outlets, here the tech-heavy store will allow customers to pay in cash.

The 1,300-square-foot store in New York is located in Brookfield Place, a high-end office and shopping complex. The store delightfully proclaims No Lines, No Checkout.

“We're just starting here today,” said Cameron Janes, Amazon's vice president for physical stores. Janes added that Amazon would seek customer feedback and eventually roll out the cash facility to all other stores.

Go stores had drawn criticism from local governments for excluding cash payment facility, which was seen as an attempt to avoid those without a bank account or credit card to shop in the store.

Many cities had started banning cashless stores. Philadelphia was the first to ban cashless stores and New Jersey followed and laws were at works in New York City and San Francisco.

The concept of Go store

The Go store concept offers a high tech shopping experience. But it mandates a customer to download a dedicated store app or scroll to a section of the regular Amazon app to enter the store.

At the end of shopping, the app will bill the customer and send a receipt, on the basis of items they grabbed from the store shelves which were documented by overhead cameras.

How does the New York store differ?

At the New York store, those who want to pay cash will enter the store after swiping through a turnstile entrance. Shoppers are free to grab whatever they want and employees will assist them by scanning each item with a mobile device and check them out. Again, there are no cash registers in the store.

The New York Go store will allow the use of paper currency and coins, the company said. In all other Amazon Go stores, shoppers simply walk in and out after scanning their Amazon app and do shopping.

Fairly priced food items

The New York store is special with its offers of grab-and-go food options for meals besides Amazon’s own meal kits.

According to a customer, there is good demand for chicken banh-mi sandwiches. Salads, chips, sushi, and bowls are well stocked and fairly priced.

GettyImages-Amazon Go Store
People shop at the newly opened Amazon Go Store on May 07, 2019 in New York City. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The price tag is under $10 and deemed good compared to New York prices.

The local New York flavor is taken care of by brands such as Hale & Hearty soups, Magnolia cupcakes, and Ess-a-bagel.

Reports also said Amazon is planning to open 3,000 more cashier-free stores by 2021.