Amazon online retail site
Amazon online retail site, the world's largest online retailer, is reportedly working on a new tablet-optimized Web site design that will revolutionize the way people shop online and will spur sales of its own $250 Android-powered tablet that is expected to launch this October.

According to TechCrunch, the changes practically scream 'tablet-optimized' as the new Web pages feature a bigger search bar, less clutter and fewer button.

The new Web pages also focus more on music, e-books, digital games and applications from the Amazon Appstore that are compatible with Google's Android operating system.

Amazon has been testing the new design since late August and company spokeswoman Sally Fouts told Reuters in an email that she wasn't sure when the new design will be live for everyone.

It isn't surprising to find Amazon focus on a new tablet-optimized design of its site as the company is expected to launch an Android-powered tablet later this October. The tablet will reportedly be priced at $250 and will pack a 7-inch color multi-touch display that will be optimized for playing games, watching videos and browsing the Web.

The tablet will also feature WiFi (note: no 3G) and will include multi-touch gesture controls.

The only drawback could be its limited storage space - only 6GB of storage but with a price tag of only $250, market experts feel the device will do well especially when paired with Amazon's expansive digital media offerings.