Amazon (AMZN) has filed a patent to use drones that could take pictures and videos of property. The news follows announcements earlier this year that the company would use drones to deliver goods and packages as part of its delivery system.

The patent says that due to privacy concerns, the drones could only take images or video of property that has been authorized for surveillance.

According to the patent, which was filed in 2015 and granted on June 4, the drones would provide "surveillance as a service." The patent describes how such drones can record video of a consented user’s property so the resident can learn about such things as a broken window or fire.

Earlier this year, Amazon unveiled its part-helicopter, part-airplane style drone that would be used for its Prime Air delivery system. The drones aim to deliver packages up to five pounds within 30 minutes and are supposed to make deliveries by the fall.

Amazon also announced this past week that it will team up with robotics delivery startup Nuro to deliver pizzas and other goods in small, autonomous delivery robots in Houston.