Amazon is secretly working on a versatile robot that’s equipped with all of the latest technologies that are becoming a trend in the tech market these days. The robot is said to be Amazon’s “secret weapon” against its rivals in the smart device-manufacturing industry. 

Digitimes learned from Taiwan supply chain sources Tuesday that Amazon is currently developing a robot with cloud service, smart voice, big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G technology. The robot is designed for home use as an advanced house manager that is able to connect to all sorts of smart devices and other technologies. 

Amazon’s robot would be capable of establishing connections with smart home, cloud service, IoT, AI, smart voice, big data analysis and 5G networks, so it could carry out some of its functions like security surveillance, information and entertainment streaming, as well as home healthcare. 

The supply chain sources said that Amazon has devoted its R&D resources to developing robotic devices ever since the company decided to expand the licensing of its Alexa voice assistant to other hardware brands last year. 

Amazon saw the opportunity to come up with its secret weapon when it noticed that there’s been a scarcity of devices that integrate all innovative technologies despite the rapid development of smart devices. Sources said that for this reason, Amazon’s R&D team is working on robotic devices that can incorporate all innovative technologies. 

If Amazon managed to build a smart home ecosystem after introducing the Echo-branded smart speakers to the market, then there’s a chance that the ecommerce giant could replicate the same success with its home robots that are scheduled to be released next year. 

The versatile robots that Amazon is launching are expected to join autonomous vehicles as advanced solutions that integrate all innovative technologies, according to the supply chain sources.