Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean vs iOS 6 IBTimes UK

Watch out, Siri! Google's improved voice recognition tool on Android Jelly Bean just successfully answered 40 tricky voice commands at lightning speed.

YouTube user Jleshere hurled a slew of questions and commands at Google's assistant, including: Listen to Real Estate (the band), Remind me to walk the dog in two hours and When is Mother's Day 2014.

I never make videos, but felt compelled to share the many new voice capabilities on +Android, some of which were not demoed on stage during Google I/O 2012. You may be surprised by some answers, notably those provided by the Knowledge Graph, Jleshere wrote under his YouTube video.

He said none of his queries were edited or cut down and the processing time elapsed exactly as the viewer sees it.

While Siri will be updated with iOS 6, Google's new Jelly Bean voice recognition agent poses steep competition through its accuracy. Apple's Siri was wrong 38 percent of the time when tested, according to CNET.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update was unveiled at Google's annual developer's conference last week. Its performance is significantly faster than Ice Cream Sandwich and it is built to harness the power of mobile processors better and improve CPU utilization, according to Google.

Project Butter

The main aim of Jelly Bean's Project Butter is for devices to run with silky smooth graphics and a seamless response rate. It does this by predicting where the user's finger will be.

Google Chrome Default Browser

Google Chrome on Jelly Bean has replaced honeycomb and ICS's default browsers. It's speedy, elegant and one of the best browsers on the market.

Google Now

This is a new feature to Jelly Bean that is run through a Siri-like voice recognition tool. It gives you answers and prompts based on your interests identified through your Google Search history, calendar and location data.


On Jelly Bean, widgets can be re-sized and organized by users manually.

Improved Camera App

The Jelly Bean camera app has been improved the way photos can be viewed. Users can access their photos in an instant with a swipe gesture and a pinch-in-zoom gesture turns the screen into a filmstrip.

Android Beam

The NFC file-sharing interface has been significantly improved through Jelly Bean. Users can now hook-up to another NFC-enabled Android phone by tapping it against another device. Information is then transferred between the two phones through Bluetooth.