In the busy workings of everyday life, sometimes we get into situations where we badly need our smartphones. However, there are cases wherein our phone’s battery is too low to do anything, let alone last long enough to complete the task at hand. Here are some tips from Google to help you extend battery life.

Turning on Battery Saver mode

According to Google’s Android site, this mode can be accessed in the Settings menu and then the Battery button. Once in, a button with an icon of three dots will be on the top right of your screen, and this will have the Battery Saver mode. If you turn on Battery Saver mode, the top and bottom of your phone’s screen will turn to orange, which will remind you that it’s currently turned on.

With this feature, your phone will focus its processes to conserve battery life. Keep in mind that your phone may have reduced performance speed in this state, so its better to leave your phone alone when placed in this mode.

Using Doze mode

Android’s Doze mode will take care of this situation for you. This specific mode puts your Android device in sleep mode when it goes idle and untouched for too long. When in Doze mode, your phone significantly uses less battery, thus allowing it to last longer. Additionally, it’ll conserve your battery long enough to wake you with an alarm in the morning if it’s dozed off with you the night before.

Rapid Charging

If you need your phone’s battery to be fully charged sooner or simply charge up with what small free time you have, Rapid Charging can help you out. To activate this, plug your Android phone to a charger, go to the Settings, enter Battery Settings, and check the box next to Rapid Charging. While Rapid Charging won’t fill your phone’s battery to the brim in mere seconds, it’ll help if you need your phone again as soon as possible.

Lowering Brightness

Lastly, you can also lower the brightness of your phone to prevent it from expending too much battery from lighting it up. Again, go to the Settings menu, tap Device, choose Display, and turn on Adaptive Brightness. This feature will allow the phone to freely adapt its screen lights depending on how bright the light is in your area. Lastly, you can adjust the brightness manually through the drop down menu from the top of your screen at all times.

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be optimally saving your battery just in case something big or unexpected comes up. When that happens, you’ll be ready.

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When in left in doze mode, battery life can last longer than 12 hours. Pictured: An attendee inspects the new Nexus 5X phone during a Google media event on September 29, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Google unveiled its 2015 smartphone lineup, the Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P, the new Chromecast and new Android 6.0 Marshmallow software features. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan