The new operating system for Android, named Ice Cream Sandwich, is slated for release in October or November, according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt.

We have a new operating system, internally known as Ice Cream Sandwich for some reason, which is being released in October, November, which everyone's really excited about, Schmidt said during the Dreamforce conference last Friday.

Prior to Schmidt's announcement, which many Web sites are claiming was an accidental slip, Google had not released a date when its new Android 4.0 OS would emerge.

The new Ice Cream Sandwich OS will reportedly combine elements from Honeycomb and Gingerbread to reach both smartphones and tablets along with computers. Gizmodo reported that the Ice Cream Sandwich OS is an ambitious move from Google to eliminate all different versions of Android on devices. In exchange Android will be unified with one OS that runs everywhere, according to Google.

Ice Cream Sandwich is set to be an open source, universal OS with features like expanding and resizing widgets and apps, facial detection with the camera, voice-guided GPS feature and Adobe Flash support. Also, the Android 4.0 OS will allow Android devices to be used as USB hosts so that one can plug-in keyboards, or Xbox controllers.

The Ice Cream Sandwich for smartphones and tablets was first seen back in May at Google I/O, according to PCMag.

The Nexus Prime, rumored to be released out this Oct., could coincide with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date and will likely be the first device with Android 4.0.

View the video below to see Google's Eric Schmidt announce the Oct. or Nov. release date for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at 30:20.