Officials say officers at the scene told Green she needed to rent the room for an additional day or leave the hotel. She later became uncooperative and was arrested, making way for the viral mug shot above. Wickliffe Police Department

Move over Jeremy Meeks. Angela Green is looking to dethrone you as sovereign of the viral mug shot.

Green made her spirited addition to this year’s mug shot hall of fame following her arrest Saturday for refusing to leave a Wickliffe, Ohio, hotel.

WOIO, Cleveland, reported authorities were summoned to a Quality Inn after Green refused to check out of her hotel room. She had rented the room Friday night and was supposed to leave the room by 11 a.m. Saturday.

Police say officers arrived and told Green she needed to rent the room for an additional day or leave the premises. Green then became upset with officers and refused to cooperate, officials say. They added officers discovered Green had given them a fake identity.

Though she put up a bit of a struggle, Green was placed under arrest and taken to the police station where authorities snapped Green’s much-talked-about picture.

Green was charged with obstructing official business. She was later released on $354 cash bond.

The image was posted to the Wickliffe Police Department's Facebook page Saturday and has since been shared by several Facebook users. The photo hasn't received as much buzz as that of the nation's favorite handsome felon Jeremy Meeks, but with her aggressively unbothered pose, Green has definitely left her mark on this year's list of most-memorable mug shots.