Anonymous backs off threats against Mexican drug cartel
Anonymous has decided not to reveal names of Los Zetas collaborators in light of the return of a kidnapped Anonymous member and threats of Zeta violence against civilians in retribution. REUTERS

The Anonymous group has changed its role from hackers to avengers.

First, the group hacked into 40 child pornography sites, took the sites offline, and revealed the names of over 1,500 pedophiles.

Now, Anonymous is threatening to take down the Zetas, a violent Mexican drug cartel.

Allegedly, the Zetas kidnapped one of Anonymous' members in Veracruz, reports Gawker.

Now, the group is threatening the Zetas stating that they must release their member by Nov. 5 or Anonymous will expose the cartel's identities, addresses, and allies.

You made a huge mistake by taking one of us. Release him. And if anything happens to him, you sons of (expletive) will always remember this upcoming November 5th, said the masked, suited figure in the video posted on YouTube.

We want the Army and the Navy to know that we are fed up with the criminal group Zetas, who have concentrated on kidnapping, stealing and blackmailing in different ways.

We can't defend ourselves with a weapon, but if we can do this with their cars, houses, bars, brothels, and everything else in their possession, the video says. It won't be difficult. We all know who they are and where they are.

The Zetas are known for their brutal behavior, including allegations of beheadings, murders, and other acts of mayhem.

CNET reports that Anonymous has also threatened to reveal the journalists, taxi drives, and police who allegedly cooperate with the cartel.

It is a gutsy move, said Mike Vigil, former head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

By publishing the names, they identify them to rivals, and trust me, they will go after them, he told the Houston Chronicle.

The identification of the Anon member who the Zetas supposedly kidnapped is unknown.