Members of the online hacktivist collective known as Anonymous, are targeting Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg after the trailer for upcoming videogame Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 implied that Anonymous hackers would be the game's enemy. Members of Anonymous have already found Hirshberg's personal information and published it online on text-sharing website AnonPaste.

The message begins by accusing Activision of opening itself up to attack from Anonymous: So Activision Why you done goofed? We are not the enemy but, well you want it you got it. Eric Hirshberg DOX. #OpPirateAllActivision.

After listing Hirshberg's personal information, the message ends with a play on Anonymous' typical sendoff:

We Are Antisec.
We Are Antis3curityops.
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Dear Eric.
What ever did you think?
Expect us.

The two-minute-long teaser trailer for the upcoming dystopic shooter game, which will be released on Nov. 13, was posted online on Wednesday. The live-action synopsis describes a future in which the US military has developed new technolgy for advanced warfare, which then becomes compromised when it is hacked by either an enemy nation or a terrorist organization, bringing chaotic war to a 21st century Los Angeles.

Included in the trailer is a single shot of an unidentified person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, the unofficial symbol of Anonymous, shown while the narrator explains that the enemy can be anywhere and can be anyone.

The brief visual reference to Anonymous, who are known for hacking prominent websites to protest imoral and illegal activity as wel as simply for revenge or the lulz, had self-proclaimed Anonymous members responding almost immediately. Anons quickly took to Twitter to voice their reactions to the news that they might be the enemy in the upcoming Call of Duty game.

Was #Anonymous seriously portrayed as the #enemy in new #COD Black Ops 2????? Incredibly disturbing #OWS, wrote @ThomFrancis in a message onTwitter.

If #Anonymous are the bad guys it'll really ruin our gaming experience if we have to shoot ourselves, joked@YourAnonNews.

The Black Ops 2 trailer goes on to quote Oliver North, a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer and political commentator, who notes, I'm not worried about the guy that wants to hijack the plane; I'm worried about the guy that wants to hijack all the planes.

The entire trailer sets up a situation in the near future in which hackers, not necessarily members of Anonymous, wrest control of America's military technology and use it to terrorize the country.

One imaginary headline in the trailer reads, US Drone Hacked by Insurgents, while another states that Cyber War is unavoidable.

A number of Anonymous members worried that the trailer and the upcoming game may be part of a larger smear campaign launched by the US government to portray Anonymous as a nefarious organization and a threat to the American people.

AND THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS seriously, tweeted @blogdiva. CALL OF DUTY:BLACK OPS 2 spent 3 mins selling #Anonymous as a violent terrorist group.