• "Apex Legends" has just received a major update in the middle of its fourth season
  • More inventory slots but less loot can be carried in the game
  • A new type of shield has been introduced

Respawn Entertainment has recently patched in the latest update for the System Override event in "Apex Legends." Aside from cool new loot and event, the developers also pushed a major update that changes up the battle royale’s gameplay. Major loot changes and character buffs were just introduced in this update.

More Pockets, Less Loot

As seen on the official patch notes released on the game’s subreddit, Respawn Entertainment has pushed out a major change to inventory space and loot. The developers have pushed out a buff that adds two more slots to every backpack in the game. Meanwhile, players will also now have 10 inventory slots at the beginning which allows players to carry more loot in the beginning of matches.

The developers also added some nerfs on loot which reduces the overall loot you can carry in the game. Maximum bullet stacks for every ammo, except for Shotgun ammo, have been reduced by 20. Players can only carry less bullets right now and is an indirect nerf to guns that use too much ammo such as the Spitfire light machine gun and R-99 submachine gun. Both guns are considered strong picks in fights due to the Spitfire’s massive magazine size and R-99's rapid fire rate.

Meanwhile, healing items have also taken a hit in the patch too. Smaller healing items, like Syringes and Shield Cells can only be carried by four per stack. Larger healing items, such as Med Kits and Shield Batteries, can now only be carried in pairs per inventory slot.

Lastly, grenade space are also nerfed as one whole grenade now takes up a whole slot. Overall, these changes make "Apex Legends" more manic as players will have to make every shot and grenade throw count. The healing item changes also makes players less likely to survive after fighting too many squads for too long.

New Character Updates

Some characters received buffs to their abilities. Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather skill has been buffed to have larger range, longer duration but slower. Overall, this Legend’s scan ability can now be used to properly sweep through areas rather than just find a hiding enemy during a firefight.

On the other end, Crypto’s drone ability now allows him to immediately reload his primary weapon when looking into its view. This change could help Crypto players to get back in the fight more often and even encourage to use their drones in brief breaks before the fight.

Gibraltar’s Arm Shield was nerfed in this patch as it can only block 50 damage before breaking right now. Many players liked his portable arm shield as it allowed them to take more hits in firefights.

Evo Shields

The new Evo Shield armor has also been introduced in patch. It’s only available for the Deja Loot event and the Firing Range practice grounds at the moment. This armor needs to be leveled up in order to use it at its full potential. Upon picking it up, it only offers one bar of shield health which can only block up to 25 damage. Leveling it up requires players to deal damage to other players. It has four levels and will offer more shield health than the Level 4 armor when maxed. However, it doesn’t have the fast healing ability of the gold Level 4 armor.

For now, "Apex Legends" players are enjoying the festivities of the System Override event that will run for two weeks.

apex legends season 4 banner twitter
Apex Legends Season 4 Banner from the official Apex Legends Twitter page. Apex Legends/Respawn Entertainment/Twitter