-Revenant is now available in Apex Legends
-This villainous, hostile character actually has supportive abilities
-His release comes with the new Season 4 content for game

Respawn Entertainment has just released the fourth season of content updates to “Apex Legends” which includes new Legend, Revenant. The new character is a murderous cyborg out for revenge and only seeks to kill other Legends. Aside from his dark backstory, the new Legend does offer something new to the battle royale game.

As seen on his gameplay trailer, Revenant’s skills are geared toward improved mobility, denying enemy skills, and supportive ultimate. Even though the character’s personality is mostly hostile and indifferent to his teammates, most of his skill kit actually helps his teammates fight together.

His passive, Stalker, gives Revenant an extra boost on his wall climbing and speeds up his crouch walk. The passive actually allows him to attack enemies at unexpected angles and entry points with boosted climbing. Revenant can also find himself in great spots for picking out foes with sniper rifles with this ability. At best, his improved climbing allows him to fully scale up to the top of two-storey buildings which are littered around the game’s current map.

Meanwhile, his faster crouch speeds allows him to sneak faster and move near enemy lines silently for surprise flank. Alternatively, Revenant also has the advantage in gunfights as players can rely on the improved crouch speed to move side to side and make his foes miss their shots.

Revenant’s Tactical Ability is Silence in which the Legend throws a small explosive device that deals barely any damage and locks enemies out from using their abilities. Other Legends that rely on their Tactical and Ultimate abilities to turn the tables won’t be able to do so while affected by Silence. The device only deals 10 damage on hit and can incapacitate enemies if it is the killing hit.

Lastly, his ultimate is Death Totem which makes Revenant erect a diamond-shaped device that his teammates can use for a life insurance debuff. Despite the skill’s unfriendly name, it actually provides a buff that returns teammates to life near the totem if their health is fully depleted under its duration. Players can see the buff’s duration on screen. Overall, this ultimate encourages players to go wild and storm their enemy’s positions as long as the device is not destroyed.

However, Respawn Entertainment has also introduced a new character trait which could be a double-edged sword for Revenant. The new legend and other older legends now has the “Low Profile” trait which makes them “difficult to hit” but receive 5 percent more damage when hit. Other characters who have this buff is Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Wattson.

The new Season 4 update of “Apex Legends” is now live and Revenant is already available for purchase. Similar to other characters, Revenant can be unlocked using in-game cash Legend Tokens or the microtransaction money, Apex Coins.

apex legends season 4 banner twitter
Apex Legends Season 4 Banner from the official Apex Legends Twitter page. Apex Legends/Respawn Entertainment/Twitter