• 'Apex Legends' has a new event this coming March
  • The System Override event will feature new skins and a game mode for players to enjoy
  • The event rewards can be bought with real cash or earned with points

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the System Override event to arrive soon on the servers as part of the Season 4 festivities in “Apex Legends.” The new event will feature its themed loot packs and even a game mode to accompany it. The loot packs will also feature the Heirloom weapon for Octane as the final reward of the event loot packs.

As seen on the official “Apex Legends” subreddit, the new System Override event will start this coming March 3 until March 17. New skins, weapon charms, and loot can be obtained from this event. However, players will have to buy loot packs or unlock it through challenge rewards.

System Override Loot Packs

Respawn Entertainment is at it again with the event exclusive loot packs which reward a Heirloom legendary equipment if all of the skins are obtained. So far, the new event loot packs offer a total 24 Epic and Legendary rarity skins. Each event pack assures to get one of the event skins which means that players will only need 24 loot packs to get them final Heirloom reward.

The Heirloom weapon for this event is for Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil legend. His weapon is a butterfly knife which he twirls around when inspected in-game. The knife also holds a small dose of a liquid similar to Stim, the powerup he uses to run faster for a short time. However, this item is purely cosmetic and does not offer any damage or speed advantage to the player whatsoever.

Deja Loot Mode

This event game mode adjusts the loot drops in “Apex Legends” to be consistent instead of the usual random drop each time you find it. This game mode allows players to plan ahead in getting loot as long as they remember which items are placed where.

The first half of the event will hold the Deja Loot mode in the current World’s End map while the latter half will have it in the previous map, King’s Canyon. However, Respawn Entertainment has yet to reveal which version of King’s Canyon will be used in this event

System Override Progression Rewards

Every day, players will be given a set of challenges that will provide points to earn the progression rewards in the System Override event. To get all the rewards, players will have to earn 5,000 points throughout the event. The best rewards in this are Legendary skins for the Wingman revolver and the Peacekeeper shotgun

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Apex Legends Season 4 Banner from the official Apex Legends Twitter page. Apex Legends/Respawn Entertainment/Twitter