• A leaker claims Apple will launch a new AirPods model next month
  • Previous reports reveal this to be the AirPods Pro Lite
  • This AirPods will look like the AirPods Pro, but won't have ANC

Apple will be releasing a new AirPods model next month, according to a reliable leaker.

Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser claims that Apple will be releasing a new AirPods model next month, alongside a new MacBook Pro. The leaker said the audio device was meant to be launched at the company's March event, and are “now ready to go.”

Prosser didn't give any specifics as to what kind of AirPods this new pair will be. He didn't give a specific date as well, indicating the possibility that Apple could release the new audio device anytime during the month. This, of course, will happen if the leaker's claim is accurate.

Now what should fans expect from the new AirPods model? MacRumors speculated that it could feature the same in-ear design that the AirPods Pro has. It won't, however, feature active noise cancellation, which is what separates the AirPods Pro from the regular AirPods with or without a wireless charging case.

This model is believed to be the entry level “AirPods Pro Lite” that Taiwanese publication Digitimes talked about a few months ago in February. Here's what fans should expect from the new Apple device, according to earlier reports:

  • In-ear design

9To5Mac reported that the AirPods Pro Lite will just be like the regular AirPods if it doesn't have ANC. Apple might give it an in-ear design so that it will look and feel different from the regular AirPods. The in-ear design will also give it better sound isolating properties compared to the older models.

  • A cheaper price

Fans can expect the AirPods Pro Lite to be priced cheap compared to the AirPods Pro. The “Lite” moniker means that it's not as full-featured as the premium model, and it won't sell for much as well. That said, it shouldn't sell for the same price as that of the regular AirPods models, since it will cannibalize sales numbers.

9To5Mac speculated that Apple prevent the AirPods Pro Lite from cannibalizing AirPods sales by lowering the price of the regular AirPods, and setting the AirPods Pro Lite to sit between the regular and the Pro version. This will possibly result to the AirPods with wireless charging case being sold for $159, the AirPod Pro Lite for $199, and the AirPods Pro for $259.

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