• Apple is said to be working on a cheaper AirPods Pro model
  • It will have an in-ear design but be priced like the current AirPods
  • It won't have the AirPods Pro's active noise cancellation feature

Apple's AirPods Pro continues to be one of the more popular audio accessories in the market today. The device offers the benefits of the original AirPods in that users don't have to worry about struggling with messy cables while listening to music or taking calls, and adds more including improved sound quality, longer battery life, and active noise cancellation.

One of the major drawbacks to purchasing the AirPods Pro, however, is its $250 selling price which makes it more expensive than some of its rivals including Samsung's Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ as well as Sony's acclaimed WF-1000XM3.

Thankfully, reports have revealed that Apple is working on a cheaper AirPods Pro model, unofficially dubbed the AirPods Pro Lite. This information comes from Digitimes, which has a spotty track record when it comes to Apple predictions.

That said, if ever Apple does produce and eventually release an AirPods Pro Lite model, what can fans expect from it? Here are a few possibilities:

  • A cheaper price

Apple currently sells its second-generation AirPods sans the wireless charging case for $159. Adding the wireless charging case to the purchase bumps the price up to $199. While some might consider this expensive, it's still considerably cheaper compared to the $249 price tag that the AirPods Pro has.

The AirPods Pro Lite, if ever it arrives, shouldn't bump the AirPods Pro's price up. At the same time, it shouldn't sell for the same price the second-generation AirPods has because it might cannibalize sales numbers.

9To5Mac speculates that in order to deal with this situation, Apple will be forced to lower the AirPods' selling price to make room for the AirPods Pro Lite. This will possibly result to the AirPods with wireless charging case being sold for $159, the AirPod Pro Lite for $199, and the AirPods Pro for $259.

  • No active noise cancellation

A lower selling price can of course be expected to come with some trade-offs. In this case, fans shouldn't expect the AirPods Pro Lite to feature active noise cancellation as it's what makes the AirPods Pro more expensive.

  • An in-ear design

With ANC removed, what will make the AirPods Pro Lite different from the AirPods? 9To5Mac says it's the in-ear design. Having tips that can be inserted into the ear canal will set the AirPods Pro Lite apart from the AirPods, while giving it some sound-isolating capabilities.

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