Apple might release two new AirPods models in addition to the one it released very recently, according to new reports. One of them will be an update to the existing model, and the other will be a totally new version of the truly wireless pair Apple released.

According to a report from DigiTimes, industry sources knowledgeable about the matter said Apple is planning on releasing a third-generation AirPods model that features a noise cancellation function.

Noise cancellation technology, used in Bose’s QC25 and Sony’s WH-1000MX2, isn’t new, DigiTimes’ sources said. The problem in equipping an audio device with this technology lies in how it is applied, they said.

Battery-powered headphones with active noise cancelling features tend to have shorter battery life than those without it. This is because the function itself consumes a lot of battery in order to work properly. If Apple decides to incorporate this function into their new AirPods, it will need to find a way to prolong its battery life.

A totally different model

Hours after the DigiTimes report went online, reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also released a report saying Apple will release two new AirPods models between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, 9To5Mac reported.

The report said one of the models will serve as an update to the existing AirPods. It will feature the same form factor, but will have an added feature that remains unknown at the moment. This could be the model described by the DigiTimes’ sources. Kuo said this pair will likely fetch a price between $159 and $199.

Not much is known about the other model Kuo mentioned in his report. He didn’t mention any features or specifications. He did mention, however, that it will feature an all-new form factor, and will be sold for a higher price.

A worthy rival

This news is very timely as Beats has just announced the near release of its new truly wireless headphones meant to rival and surpass the AirPods in every way, the Beats Powerbeats Pro. Beats’ offering features everything that the second-gen AirPods have to offer and more, including a host of colors to choose from.

Will Apple’s rumored new AirPods beat Beats’ Powerbeats Pro? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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The new Apple AirPods Pro received positive reviews and warm users' reception, but like any other devices is it far from perfect. Getty Images/Stephen Lam