The Apple AirPods has long been a good wireless headphone for the iPhone and other iOS devices. However, using the device on Mac and Windows PCs are also possible. Here’s what we know on how to do this.

To pair your AirPods with your computer unit, you’ll need to make sure it has at least a Bluetooth 4.0. This feature will allow your Mac or Windows PC to detect your AirPods and pair it to your computer.

For Macs, you’ll need to open up the System Preferences on your Mac, and check on the Bluetooth lists. Once inside, leave the window open and hold down the reset button at back of your AirPods case. Holding it down will help your Mac detect the AirPods and pair it to your Mac.

If you still want to have an interface in handling the AirPods similar to your Mac. The AirBuddy app can help you out as it’ll show you a familiar menu in adjusting your AirPods. While the app does cost $5, the app actually prevents any inconvenient connecting experiences as the regular way requires users to keep manually connecting the AirPods to the Mac.

Meanwhile, the Windows manual connection works similarly to the Mac’s steps. To get started, go to the Windows taskbar and click on the Bluetooth menus. Inside this menu, choose the “Add a Bluetooth Device” and it’ll show the menu of paired devices to your PC. Once again, click on the Add Bluetooth on other device to continue on.

Once you’ve clicked the button, reset the AirPods case again to help the PC detect the wireless headphones.  Choose the AirPods once it shows up on the list to successfully pair it. Unlike its use on Apple devices, the AirPods will function like a regular wireless headphones and other Siri commands would not be available.

Later this year, Apple is planning to release the next generation AirPods 2. The new wireless headphones is confirmed to have a better battery life than its first iteration. However, we’ve yet to know if the new AirPods 2 can still be paired with other devices too.