Apple may be working on a new functionality between the Apple Watch and MacOS computers. Potentially, Apple Watches could be used to remotely unlock Mac units. Here’s what we know about this new feature.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is developing a new function that would give Apple Watches a brand new function. As both Apple Watch and Mac devices have a feature overlap with the Touch ID, the company is now developing a feature that would allow Apple Watches to unlock the Mac.

However, Apple has yet to release an official statement confirming if this is included in the next macOS update.

Aside from using biometrics to unlock the device, the new feature can also instantly fill up username credentials, authorize Apple Pay purchases and even authenticate sudos in Terminal. By double tapping the Apple Watch, users can immediately authenticate for these security checks without inputting the passwords and authentications on the laptop itself.

This new feature is said to have started on the macOS 10.15 update. The insider report added that the next major macOS update will sport the full functionality of the Apple Watch-macOS compatibility features.

To deal with the transaction specifics of Apple Pay, the Apple Watch may also receive an update that allows it to authorize the process. Before these nifty features arrive, the latest feature that will arrive first is the simple device unlock.

This new major MacOS update is expected to arrive around the same time as the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 3. As Apple has yet to confirm this, we’ll have to wait for more information about the release of this new update.

So far, Apple has been fond of silently releasing substantial releases for their devices. Recently, Apple put out an update for the macOS computers that further boosts up the maximum brightness for the display.

Apple also released the new iterations of the iPad Air and iPad mini this year through a simple press release without any big release events for it.

If this trend continues, we might see the next macOS update with the Apple Watch compatibility just arrive without us noticing.