• Apple has long been rumored developing an AR Glasses
  • Several Apple documents may have revealed what features are coming on Apple's head-mounted device
  • Rumors have it that the Apple AR Glasses might arrive this year

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a firm believer in augmented reality (AR) and has been repeatedly quoted saying that it would play a crucial role in how we use technology in the future. Since last year, reports and claims were revealing that the Cupertino tech giant is working on Apple AR Glasses. A new set of Apple documents may have given away the potential features of the upcoming Apple augmented reality product.

Apple Patents AR Glasses Could Assist User Authentication

Apple Insider reports about an Apple patent titled "Authenticated Device Assisted User Authentication," which looks into the possibility of extending authentication access to restricted functions on other devices. It is for a head-mounted device, which could be the rumored Apple AR Glasses. The user of the AR Glasses is manually authenticated and given access to the functionality of the device based on its configuration, according to the patent.

An iPad or an iPhone could be by default in a locked state and would basically require authentication for access. The patent states that the worn headset, which could be the Apple AR Glasses, could use its distance to the locked Apple device to learn about the intention of the user, prompting it to send authentication data to the locked device to learn about the identity of the user.

Apple AR headset Could Adjust to Various Users

In Addition to the patent mentioned earlier, another patent titled "titled 'Electronic Device With Lens Position Sensing'" was published on Feb. 27, 2020. It mentions an Apple head-mounted device, probably the Apple Ar Glasses that could adjust to fit different users. The patent talks about the technology that could gauge the distance between the user's eyes and automatically adjusts the lenses of the headset to provide a comfortable fit on the user's face and to give optimal viewing pleasure.

This Apple AR Glasses patent is an ingenious solution, which, although, minor is very significant. While many tech companies are looking beyond the usual, Apple is taking time to improve minor details to make sure that it caters to the user's needs. The patent also underscores the possibility that the Apple AR Glasses could divert from the conventional one size fits all AR or VR devices.