• A new document reveals more details about Apple AR Glasses
  • This time Apple mentions AR Glasses mode and possible use of waveguided technology
  • A new report claims Apple AR Glasses could arrive this year

Since last year, the Cupertino tech juggernaut has been rumored to be working on a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) or Apple AR Glasses. Several patent sightings last year revealed what Apple is considering if it is going to release the much-awaited AR Glasses. Interestingly, a new document from the Cupertino company surfaced recently, showing more details of its plans for the rumored Apple AR Glasses.

New Apple AR Glasses Document

The latest document from Apple that gives us more details about its Augmented Reality Glasses is in the form of a patent published last Feb. 13. The document found by Patently Apple describes a mixed reality head-mounted device or HMD. The patent also mentions the possibility of using a waveguided technology on its display system with lenses that could be adjusted.

Apple is toying with the possibility of tethering the upcoming Apple AR Glasses with various Apple devices like the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. The patent filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), talks about featuring "desired levels of optical performance" that could enable users to overlay content generated by computer over real-world content. Additionally, it mentions that the real-world content could be viewed by the user directly via a transparent part of the device’s optical system when set in Augmented Reality Mode.

The patent also mentions another mode where users could capture the real-world through the use of face cameras on the Apple AR Glasses of Apple HMD. Apple is also considering utilizing the optical system of the HMD to route images from a scanning device or one or more pixel arrays in a display system to the viewer’s eyes.

Other Details

Previous interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company looks at AR as the core technology that would play a crucial role in a lot of products in the coming future. As per iMore, the first Apple AR Glasses could arrive in 2020. TFI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last year predicted that Apple might release its AR Glasses this year.

It is worth mentioning that the patents are not, in any way, indications that Apple would release its AR Glasses. But, it is interesting to learn that the Cupertino company is actually looking at this kind of idea. This patent could stay as a patent or could be a future product from Apple.