iCloud two-step verification
Apple ID holders with two-step verification enabled may see a few more padlocks on their iCloud screens. Screenshot/Apple

Two-step verification is coming soon to Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iCloud Web app service.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, the Cupertino, California tech titan briefly rolled out the two-step verification authentication service to an unknown number of iCloud users on Monday. Two-step verification is a security feature that uses a “trusted” device to verify a user’s identity in addition to a password. When logging into certain Apple services, Apple sends a 4-digit PIN to that trusted device. Users then enter the PIN into the Apple service in order to continue to the login process.

The two-step verification feature was only available briefly before Apple disabled the feature on Monday afternoon. But in that time, a number of users were able to get a firsthand preview of the upcoming two-step verification service for Apple’s iCloud website.

AppleInsider noted that almost all iCloud apps required two-step verification by default to open them from the website. But, Find My iPhone noticeably didn’t require the extra verification process, in case the iOS “trusted” device is somehow lost or stolen.

Two-step verification debuted in March 2013 in the U.S., UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as an optional protection measure for Apple ID users. It has also been used for other purposes such as verifying iTunes Store purchases from new devices. Since its debut, the two-step verification service was eventually rolled out to France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Apple has tightened its security around Apple ID accounts in recent years due to a number of fradulent purchases on the iTunes Store and App Store from compromised user accounts.

At this time, it's unkown when Apple will officially roll out two-step verification to all its iCloud users.