Apple iPhone Camera
The next iPhone may stay out of the race for camera megapixels. Reuters

Apple’s next iPhone could get a number of improvements in hardware and software. But one thing that may not be changing is the number of pixels on its rear-facing camera.

The 8MP camera on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus could remain on Apple’s next smartphone, reportedly called the "iPhone 6s," according to a Taipei Times report citing Jeff Pu, an analyst at Yuanta Securities. Largan Precision Co., a supplier of smartphone camera lenses to Apple, is expected to face slower growth prospects as a result of the rumored decision and the generally slower adoption of higher megapixel image sensors by other smartphone vendors.

Since the introduction of the iPhone 4S in 2011, Apple has continued to use 8MP sensors with all of its iPhones, with some improvements along the way. With its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple uses a Sony Exmor RS image sensor, according to Chipworks. But in the larger 6 Plus model, the camera also features an optical image stabilizer that reduces the occurrence of blurry photos and steadies shaky video.

Another rumor from November had previously indicated that Apple was developing a “dual-lens” camera that would bring image quality rivaling DSLR cameras to the iPhone.

The iPhone 6s also is expected to be powered by a new processor dubbed the A9, which will be manufactured by Samsung. But other details of the iPhone 6s remain limited at best. Largan Precision saw its stock drop around the same time last year, following rumors that the iPhone 6 would come with an 8MP sensor, according to the China Post.