The release date for Apple's iOS 6 is less than a month away, with the upcoming iPhone 5 expected to launch around the same time. Users may be excited about features such as the new map app from Apple, but there is one app that fans will be missing for certain: YouTube.

A new survey conducted by CouponCodes4U, a leading coupon code website in the United States, says that iPhone users are disappointed about the omission of the YouTube app on iOS 6. The company surveyed 2,135 Americans between the ages of 18-30, and respondents were initially asked whether or not they owned an iPhone.

Of those polled, 67 percent answered yes. Those in that percentage were then asked to specify which model of the iPhone they owned, with 51 percent answering with the iPhone 4S, 39 percent saying they had the iPhone 4 and 8 percent  voting that they owned the iPhone 3GS.

More than half of these iPhone users, 63 percent, also said that they use the pre-installed YouTube app when asked. Of that 63 percent, 41 percent said that they use the YouTube app more than four times a week.

All of the respondents were asked how they felt about Apple's plans to drop YouTube from iOS 6. At 55 percent, more than half said that the decision was "disappointing."

But the elimination of the YouTube app with iOS 6 isn't the only issue Apple fans were polled about. The coupon company also delved into the increasing competition between Google and Apple, and how their rivalry is affecting the development of new apps.

When asked, 41 percent of the respondents said they felt that the ongoing battle between Apple and Google was having a "negative" impact on customers and developers. Additionally, 39 percent voted that Apple was "overstepping" the mark by refusing to incorporate the YouTube app and Google Maps, if it was because it was a Google product.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, said that he was surprised by Apple's decision to exclude YouTube from iOS 6.

"As one of the most used websites at this moment, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Apple will no longer include the YouTube app on their iOS 6 interface," Pearson said. "As the competition between Apple and Google heats up, consumers are more likely to see more and more apps fall by the wayside as these two tech companies try to out-do each other."

Google has recently been fine-tuning and sprucing up its own Google Map service. The app will be getting an upgrade which will center on listings for public transportation options in nearly 500 cities worldwide, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

New technology that will be incorporated into Google Maps will allow users to hone in on directions for specific public transportation options, such as subways. Users can exclude other modes of transportation if they wish.

"I am very confident these are the best transit maps available," Brian McClendon, vice president of engineering for Google Maps, said to the Associated Press.

These improvements are only available to devices running on Android, an attempt to thwart impending threats from Apple as the company gears up to release its iPhone 5 and rumored iPad Mini.

The relationship between Google and Apple has been damaged ever since Google began promoting its Android mobile software in 2008, posing a challenge to the iPhone.

Apple is retaliating by rolling out its own all-new maps app for iOS 6, and the upcoming operating system also includes the following features:

-          Siri

-          Facebook Integration

-          Accessibility

-          Features From OS X "Mountain Lion," such as a 'Do Not Disturb' feature in the Notification Center .

-          Passbook

-          Custom Email Alerts

-          Clock for iPad

-          Reminders Badges

-          Find My Friends Optimized

-          Bluetooth Enhancements

-          Updating Apps

-          "New" Banners

-          Dictionaries in the Cloud

-          Color-Matching Menu Bar

-          Faux Light Reflection

You can read more about these features in detail here.