The upcoming iPad may come with some very familiar features. Apparently, the next-generation device will have older features like the Touch ID and a headphone jack, according to a supplier. Here’s what we know about the next Apple iPad.

According to Japanese blog, Mac Otakara, a source connected with Alibaba claimed that the next-generation iPad will have older technology in an attempt to reduce costs for making the product. With the upcoming iPad using old technology, it helps Apple not only save money when it comes to production, but also sell the product at a lower price, which would allow many users to get one of the devices for themselves.

The supplier source noted that the new iPad is a 10-inch model on the outside but did not reveal its specs.

Meanwhile, the 2018 iPad’s notable feature is the Touch ID, while most of the new Apple releases have Face ID. If Apple is going for a budget iPad release, the company will need to opt for cheaper and easier-to-produce technology rather than implement features that they’ve just started to adopt in its recent device releases.

Aside from the Touch ID, the new iPad is also expected to have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Headphone jacks in an Apple device are rare nowadays as the company has opted to give its users a lightning port both for charging the device and attaching headphones.

Some users have found this feature to be a hassle as the lightning port can only accommodate one peripheral device at a time. Users also find it difficult to borrow peripherals as they would need to be compatible with a lightning port connector.

Meanwhile, Apple head Tim Cook has confirmed that the company is working on some new devices, but he didn’t reveal which ones they are going to release. Fans can expect the new iPad to be among these, but this will not be 100 percent guaranteed until company officially confirms the development or release of these new gadgets.

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The new iPad is said to get some old features which would make it similar to older models like this. Pictured: A representatives from Adobe showcases their Augmented Reality App for the new iPad Pro during an Apple launch event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on October 30, 2018 in New York City. Apple debuted a new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. Getty Images/Stephanie Keith