Apple iPad
China's Economic Daily News says there will be no iPad Air 3 for 2015, based on Foxconn’s 2015 orders specific to Apple. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

The release of a 12.9-inch display clad Apple iPad Pro reportedly is set for November. Going by history, Apple always has launched a new iPad model in October, followed by a release in November. In the meantime, Foxconn apparently is gearing up to supply hardware components for the mass production of the upcoming tablet. DigiTimes reported the components are to be supplied to Apple in late-September.

Even though, Apple is gearing up for the Apple iPad Pro release, the Cupertino, California, tech giant is apparently cautious about placing orders. The reason is reported to be the waning demand and, in turn, sales of the Apple iPad models across the globe, MacRumors reported. “Most tablet players may see difficulties achieving their shipment goals for 2015 or making profits from the product line,” DigiTimes said.

As far as the reported Apple iPad Pro specifications go, an iOS developer from Taiwan named Hiraku Wang apparently ferreted out some iOS 9 beta code that gave away a couple of configuration details. The code indicates the iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display will be complemented by 2,732 x 2,048-pixel screen resolution. This display combination translates to a pixel density of 264 ppi. As it turns out, this is the same pixel density seen in the third-generation Apple iPad to the 2014 version of the iPad Air 2, MacRumors said.

In the meantime, Apple developer Steven Troughton-Smith reportedly found out a new feature by running the iOS 9 beta on the iPad. Apparently, the keyboard running the new iOS version has the ability to scale to a larger screen size by rearranging the keys. This feature also proves that Apple is very close to releasing a large-screen variant of the iPad.

Speaking of iPad Pro features, rumors point to the possibility of a flexible display, packed with increased pressure sensitivity. In addition to the flexible screen, a built-in NFC chip, Force Touch technology, along with USB-C port and advanced Bluetooth stylus with pressure sensitivity can also be expected from the upcoming device. Furthermore, the new tablet is believed to be powered by Apple’s A9 processor and backed by 2 GB of RAM configuration. Needless to say, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be part of the new tablet, similar to the Apple iPad Air 2. Nonetheless, readers should note Apple has not confirmed iPad Pro specifications or features thus far.