Every year, Apple releases new iPhone models that promise to deliver better performance and features compared to the ones before them. This year, The Cupertino tech giant released new models that undoubtedly boast of having the best features of any Apple iPhone lineup.

All three models - the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max - feature the latest A13 Bionic chip, the best camera setups of any iPhone, the longest battery life of any iPhone lineup (as well as some competitors), the best smartphone displays, and the best low-light photography features any smartphone can offer at the moment.

While these features could make people say “Apple has outdone itself this time,” it’s a fact that Apple will surely look for more ways to develop better technologies for its devices. For example, a new patent revealed that future iPhones could have illuminated Apple logos at the back for various purposes. Simply put, future iPhones will always feature better technologies compared to current iPhone models.

The iPhone 12

A concept video imagines what technologies and features the next iPhone series might have. The video, created by a designer named Mauro Battino for ConceptsiPhone, showed an iPhone that’s “all display,” features new tech, and signals the return of a beloved feature that was once removed from all iPhones.

The video starts with a quote from former Apple designer Jony Ive, saying, “For more than a decade our intention has been to create an iPhone that is all display,” followed by a blurb that says “well, it seems the time has finally come. This is the iPhone 12.” The concept video then spends time showing the artist’s rendering of the upcoming device.

The iPhone 12, according to the video, features a “completely new camera” composed of a single “3-in-1” lens and a ToF sensor; an A14 Bionic chip, “the most powerful chip ever;” an OLED “Ultra Retina Display” that has a 90Hz refresh rate, rounded edges, thin bezels, aluminum borders and the lack of a notch; and a Face ID sensor embedded beneath the display.

Interestingly, the device, which looks similar to a prototype Apple is rumored to be testing, has “one more thing” in store: the return of the headphone jack. The designer said he intentionally placed just one camera “for aesthetic purposes” and added the jack because it “fits” the end of the video.