• Apple is holding a new event on Tuesday
  • It is expected to unveil a slew of new devices, including the iPhone 12 series
  • New leaks reveal the devices' specs and features ahead of the event

Apple is set to unveil a slew of new devices in the hardware event scheduled for Tuesday. The highlight of the event is expected to be the reveal of the new iPhone 12 series – four new handsets that will feature the best and the greatest that the Cupertino tech giant currently has to offer in a smartphone.

Some leakers, however, have shared some last-minute information about the new iPhone 12 series' features ahead of the official unveiling. Here's what the leaks say about Apple's new flagship lineup.

Longer battery life

XDA Developers' Max Weinbach, via his Twitter account @PineLeaks, claimed that the iPhone 12 Pro models will have better battery life compared to the non-Pro models.

The Pro models will specifically have at least one hour more battery life than the non-Pro models. The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, however, will “perform worse” than the iPhone 11 in terms of battery, according to the leak.

Faster Face ID

Weinbach also said that the so-called “dynamic zoning algorithm,” which will result in faster Face ID, will be shipped with the new iPhone 12 series. This feature will let users unlock their handsets quicker than they ever could with the iPhone 11 series and older models.

Slimmer Face ID

The tipster added that while the redesigned TrueDepth Camera System, which is used for Face ID, will not be shipped with the new devices, a “more 'tightly' arranged” TrueDepth Camera System will be shipped with the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini. This will result in a slimmer notch – horizontally smaller but taller than the previous notches.

Improved Zoom

Those who use their iPhones for mobile photography will be glad to know that the iPhone 12 series' “Digital and Optical Zoom will be getting a massive boost this year,” Weinbach claimed. This will make it easier to capture photos of hard-to-reach subjects.

Improved Low Light photography

Weinbach also said the new Ultra-Wide camera will get a larger aperture, which is expected to result in “significantly improved Low Light performance across the board.” He added that consumers should “pay attention” to the largest model in the series, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro - Color Variety
The iPhone 11 Pro's successor is expected to have a better camera setup. Apple