• Mockups of the iPhone 12 have leaked online
  • The mockups revealed some of the devices' details, including SIM tray locations
  • The mockups were sourced from Alibaba

Three-dimensional mockups showing how the upcoming iPhone 12 series devices could look like have leaked on the internet, revealing some changes in the devices' layout and their huge size differences.

Japanese blog MacOtakara acquired 3D-printed iPhone 12 mockups showing how the devices might look like. The four mockups revealed that there will be some changes in the location of the SIM card tray, and that the largest model will be significantly larger than the smallest in the lineup.

The four mockups, which were acquired from sources in Chinese giant Alibaba, came in three sizes (a 5.4-inch model, two “6-inch” sized models and a 6.7-inch model, as per MacOtakara), showed rear camera placements, and showed where the SIM card tray is located. Here's a quick rundown on what the mockups showed:

Camera placements

Of the four mockups, two had dual-camera setups and two had triple-camera setups. The two models with two rear cameras fall in line with other rumors, such as this one from Frontpage Tech's Jon Prosser, that the two “non-Pro” iPhone 12 models will only sport two rear cameras.

Previous reports indicated that the two iPhone 12 models will feature a triple-camera setup at the back, with an additional LiDAR scanner. The mockups do not show where the rumored LiDAR scanner is. They only had a camera setup that looked similar to the ones on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

SIM Card tray

As seen in MacOtakara's photos and video (below), the SIM tray has been moved from the right-hand side to the left-hand side, just under the volume rocker. The report believes this is so that Apple could equip the iPhone 12 lineup with a 5G antenna.

Size differences

MacOtakara claimed that two of the mockups were for the “6 inch” iPhone 12 models. Previous reports indicated that there are two iPhone 12 models with 6.1-inch displays. This could simply be a mistake on the Japanese blog's part.

Some might not think that the 6.7-inch iPhone won't be that big (especially considering how the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 6.9-inch screen), but it is big. This is even more evident when the device is compared to the 5.4-inch iPhone 12.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro. Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)