Apple is said to do a complete overhaul of the whole device once the iPhone 12 gets released in 2020. Many inside reports are noting that the iPhone 11 would be an underwhelming release from one of the leading smartphone companies in the business. Here’s what we know about the iPhone 12 redesign after the release of the iPhone 11.

According to analysts and insider reports, Apple is planning to do a major overhaul of the iPhone line. More than hardware and specs upgrades, Apple is said to include new features that’ll make use of improved specs of the device.

The improvements will span all throughout the device namely upgrades to its design, added 5G capability, fully OLED screens, Time-of-Flight camera sensors, full-screen TouchID, and longer battery life. While Apple has a lot of patents in waiting to make these features come true, Apple has yet to officially reveal anything about their plans for the 2020 iPhone generation.

As of this September, Apple is about to reveal details about its new devices and products. While the iPhone 11’s official name is yet to be revealed, many Apple fans are already stoked about the details of the next generation iPhone.

However, many insiders reveal that the iPhone 11 would be an underwhelming release. The iPhone 11 would simply be an improvement on the device’s specs and not introduce any new features to the device. Potentially, the iPhone 11 is seen as a waste of hardware strength as the device doesn’t have a new feature to justify its improved specs.

Apple is about to announce its new products and devices this coming September 10. The company has been tightlipped with the reveals it’ll show but many fans are expecting the new iPhone despite the company’s silence about the iPhone 11’s development.

Through 2019, the company has been pushing out new generation releases silently as it just shows availability on their site and no grand events to come with it. Moreover, the company’s focus is slowly shifting to services and subscriptions now. Fans will have to wait if the upcoming iPhones will truly be great or a generation to pass up for the next one.